Hotel Bagni di Lucca terme.Camera con vista parco. Hotel Bagni di Lucca Terme.Camera con bagno, Hotel Bagni di Lucca Terme.Camera con bagno, Hotel Bagni di Lucca Terme.Camera con bagno Val di Lima, Lucca.Camera con bagno. Val di Lima, Lucca.

Park Hotel Regina is an elegant hotel converted out of an eighteenth century villa built in the town district of Bagno alla Villa in Bagni di Lucca.

It is an hitorical,comfortable and private palace, suitable for families or groups of friends who can reserve it for their exclusive use or just book one of the two apartments: it is also the perfect place for week-ends or holidays.

The rooms have been refurbished according to the classical style of the time using walnut and chestnut solid wood which both go well together with the bright painted walls and the exquisite White Carrara and Grey Bardiglio marble floors, whereas the Savoy Blue of the textile and linen hint at the last Italian reigning dynasty, the Savoia Family, whose one of the official colors was blue.

Singularly, the name Regina was given to the hotel in honor of Queen (Regina) Victoria of the United Kingdom and a marble plaque on the front wall unquestionably reminds us of this mighty ruler.

Bagni di Lucca has always seduced the English aristocracy of all times as well as artists and scholars who used to find in our town the same peace and serenity so characteristic of the English countryside and shires, but many of them also chose Bagni di Lucca and its renowned therapeutic waters to treat their more or less serious diseases.

The guests who choose to stay in the two apartments will be able to appreciate their features among which is their freshness in Summer, their relaxed and muffled atmosphere as well as their impressive views over the woods with acacia and walnut trees: these two species of trees are typical of the Val di Lima area which can be defined as alpine in spite of its very low altitude, only 152 mts a.s.l.

Our guests have free access to the park and to the swimming pools where the waters are treated with salt, an innovative and original method of sanitation.
In addition, all shops and facilities are nearby, so it is easy to go to the local pharmacy, shops, supermarkets, various restaurants and cafes, and right next to us, there is also the Academic Theatre where some of the most acclaimed Italian actors such as Laura Morante, Ettore Bassi, Paolo Hendel and Simona Cavallari perform during the theatre season in Autumn and in Winter.

The area is also fantastic for trekking, mountain-bike, horse-riding, kayaking in the river and rafting.

Services included:
⦁ One set of bed sheets and towels changed once a week. Cleaning and tidying up after departure.
⦁ Ironing board and iron.
⦁ Washing machine ( the payment of small fee for each load is required).
⦁ Parking lot only 40 mts far from the hotel.
Stopping in front of the hotel with your car or van is allowed only for loading and unloading your luggage.

Arrivals and departures: any day of the week.
Minimum stay of 3 nights in low season and minimum 7 nights in peak season.
Check in from 2 o’clock p.m to 8 o’clock pm ( different times can be agreed upon on request).
Important notice
Flights of stairs lead you to the apartments, so you are kindly requested to take this detail into consideration when booking.

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Park Hotel Regina
Corona-Marino Merlo Piero & C. LP
Via Roma,55-55022 Bagni di Lucca (Lu)
Vat number and tax number.01552010462
Ph: +39 0583 805508 – e-mail: