The vast area around us includes the Lima Valley as well as the so-called Media Valle del Serchio (the Middle Valley of the Serchio river) which is worldwide known as the Garfagnana region, a small green environment full of lakes, rivers, waters, surrounded by natural parks, oases, reservations in the north of Tuscany, nestled between the Apuan Alps and the mountain range of the Apennines.

A forty minute drive will lead you to Lucca and to the stunning beaches of Forte dei Marmi: so much to do and to see within the range of a few kilometres in a land rich in natural spots as well as in delightful medieval hamlets, villages and walled towns, very ancient churches, sanctuaries and hermitages all worth visiting.

What we like to call” Our Bagni di Lucca” is also a successful mix of culture, art, history and tradition and we invite you to come in order to discover the timeless charm of the luxury villas built only a few meters away from our hotel and which will evoke, thanks to their classic and elegant architecture , the sense of beauty and the love for art which prompted poets, writers, travelers, and aristocratic families to appoint Bagni di Lucca their favorite holiday resort and their place of the heart as well.

Among the most eminent artists and noble families who visited and lived in Bagni di Lucca we can name the two romantic English poets Shelley and Lord Byron, the writer and traveller Michel de Montaigne in the 16th century, several important families such as the Buonvisis, the Michelis, the Mansis,the Garzonis, the Orsettis,the Borbones,the Baciocchis whose most known member was Elisa, Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister, and again Paolina Bonaparte, the Italian Queen Margherita of the Savoia Family, King Vittorio Emanuele Ist, the Webbs and the MacBeans, the Italian poet Eugenio Montale as well as outstanding musicians like Mascagni, Toscanini and last but not least Puccini who stayed in our hotel when working at his masterpiece Turandot.

Park Hotel Regina is therefore the central point for meeting and starting diverse tours in our region, with its cities and small villages scattered all across our hills and mountains which will enchant you with their landscapes, their history, their stories and their traditional folk festivals: their dwellers will welcome you with their distinctive openness and sense of friendship making you feel part of our astonishing and unique reality.

Some interesting facts about Bagni di Lucca.
⦁ Legend has it that Hannibal went through Bagni di Lucca when travelling south to fight against Rome: protected by the Ligurian people, he stopped for some time by the area where the Lima river flows into the Serchio river ordering the construction of ovens to bake bread and furnaces to forge weapons : this village is nowadays called Fornoli : the root of the Italian word “forno” (oven) and “fornace” (furnace) is the same so this is where this suburb of Bagni di Lucca has taken its name from.
⦁ Bagni di Lucca was the first town in Europe to have the first Casino (Royal Casino) in 1837 .
⦁ Bagni di Lucca was the first Italian town to have public electric lighting in 1886.
⦁ The first Italian scout movement was founded in Bagni di Lucca in 1910.